Teaching offer at M.Sc. level (at TU Clausthal)
  • Wireless Sensor Networks / Embedded Systems Engineering II (weekly 2hrs lecture + bi-weekly 4hrs lab); foundations of networking embedded systems, especially with regard to the practical challenges arising from wireless communications.
  • Network Security (weekly 2hrs lecture + weekly 2hrs lab exercise); cryptographic foundations as well as techniques to achieve security at the different layers of the ISO/OSI protocol stack.
  • Embedded Systems Lab (weekly 3hrs lab project); development of practical applications for embedded systems based on the concept of project-based problem solving.
  • Research Methodologies (weekly 2hrs seminar); seminar for postgraduate students summarizing different aspects of how to conduct scientific work.
Teaching offer at B.Sc. level (at TU Clausthal)
  • Informatics Workshop (“Informatikwerkstatt”) (weekly 2hrs lecture + weekly offering of up to 6hrs lab time); hands-on class for first-year students on basic Lego Mindstorms and Android programming skills, enriched by soft skill training sessions.
  • Operating Systems and Distributed Systems (“Betriebssysteme und verteilte Systeme”) (weekly 2hrs lecture + weekly 2hrs exercise); covering foundations of operating systems and principles of designing and using middleware in practice.
  • Scientific Work Techniques for Seminars (“Wissenschaftliche Arbeitstechniken für Seminare”) (one-off 2hrs lecture); single lecture on fundamental methodologies of research and how to present results in a scientific way.
  • Tools for Computer Science (“Werkzeuge der Informatik”) (3x 2hrs lecture on UNIX/Linux + 3x 2hrs lab exercise); principles of the UNIX operating system as well as basic applied shell scripting.
Previous teaching activities